Thursday, 21 June 2018

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    What makes a perfect trustee board?

    MNOPF chair Rory Murphy shares the secrets of putting together a successful board

    Do pensions experts make the best trustees? Not according to Rory Murphy, chair of the Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund. In this video he explains why, shares the secrets of getting the balance of a board right, and calls for industry to do more to improve financial literacy.

    MNOPF chair Rory Murphy explains why pensions experts don't make the best trustees, and discusses how trustee boards can find the right balance.

    Workplace Pensions Live 2017

    Rory Murphy will be discussing ways we can improve the pensions system at Workplace Pensions Live, our flagship annual event in May.

    He will be joined by PLSA chair Lesley Williams and our Pensions Manager of the Year, DP World’s Jane Healy, for a panel debate ’Building pensions that are fit for the future’.


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