Friday, 24 March 2017

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    Read our groundbreaking original research here. We take an in-depth look at subjects as varied as the DC pensions landscape, DC retirement income, and diversified growth funds.

    DC Landscape Report 2016
    Retirement income report
    • Future

      Are we moving in the right direction?

      The UK is hurtling down a regulatory path it may live to regret. Instead, we should try to learn from more developed DC markets around the globe

    • Design for (long) life

      Design for (long) life

      It’s thought that annuities have gone out of favour and drawdown products are becoming increasingly tempting to members, we explore if a hybrid of the two would better protect against longevity risk

    • Kingfisher

      Kingfisher communicates through gamification solution

      If good communication is all about getting appropriate messages, simply said, to the right people at the right time, then it’s no surprise Kingfisher’s pension scheme has received the plaudits it has.

    • Retirement income index

      Retirement income report: 2016

      How DC schemes have evolved their investment and communications strategies following the pensions reforms 

    • Retirement income index

      Retirement income: exploring the future of DC

      We at Pensions Insight, in association with State Street Global Advisors, wanted to know what schemes are thinking and where they are on their freedom and choice journeys. We surveyed more than 50 of the UK’s leading defined contribution schemes to find out how their members have reacted to this new universe of options and how scheme design is changing as a result. We were also interested to hear how schemes are using communications best practice to improve member engagement, and ultimately ...

    • Retirement income index

      Retirement income report: Schemes face a dizzying array of options

      It has been a year since the freedom and choice pension reforms began to be implemented. Given that schemes’ defined contribution universe moved overnight from one with a focus on annuities to one of near-infinite flexibility, default strategies – where the vast majority of defined contribution savers are – have come under particular scrutiny. We asked schemes about their default funds, the investment approach they now favour and how they ensure member engagement.

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    Diversified Growth Funds
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