Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    Spotlight on Roger Mattingly

    President, Society of Pension Consultants; Head of Client Relationship Management, JLT

    Mattingly took over as president of the Society of Pension Consultants, of which he has long been a stalwart member in 2012. In his day, the 52 year old is a director of JLT Benefit Solutions, where he is head of Client Relationship Management. The father of three and keep fit fanatic with a black belt in karate under his arm, was originally due to follow his father into medicine. But a natural squeamishness about blood put paid to such ambitions, leading to what has proven a successful career in pensions.

    I can say hand on heart that I have loved almost every minute of it (the presidency of the SPC). I’ve been encouraged and surprised by how strong the desire to make things better in the pension world has been. There is a real desire to make things better for genuine reasons rather than for vested interest reasons.

    Everybody should take credit for getting auto-enrolment off the ground: there has been very little adverse publicity. But there are some big challenges ahead. One of those, which has been recognised by the regulator, is the battle of the bulge in 2014 when many thousands of employees reach their staging date., they are the med to small companies. There is a concern that post-RDR (retail distribution review), the capacity for advice from those companies will be stretched to say the least.

    There is a raft of at least 10 things that could be done to improve DC. There is still a legacy of pensions jargon disclosure rather than genuine attempts to communicate that needs to be addressed. There is serious room for improvement in terms of communication because too much still falls into the disclosure category.

    We need joined up government on pensions. I would like to get the message across government to leave pensions alone. Please don’t undermine the strategy by sending out messages that disincentive workplace provision. It’s slightly perverse: there is cross party consensus on pensions but within government itself there are these mixed messages that are unnecessary.

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