Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    Top 5 pension Tweeters 

    Social media has long been a hotbed of pensions debate. But whose chirps make the most noise?

    1. @Dawid1 (Followers: 8,930) Dawid Konotey-Ahulu takes social media seriously. He founded Mallowstreet, an online hub for the pensions industry, and is co-CEO of Redington. On his blog (www.dawid.com) he describes himself as “user friendly and a teller of stories”.
    2. @pensionsguru (Followers: 5,675) Paradigm Pensions owner Steve Bee makes pensions tweeting an art form. He created jargonfreepensions, a website that promises “pensions without the piffle”.
    3. @PensionsMonkey (Followers: 4,207) Hargreaves Lansdown’s head of pensions research Tom McPhail is a witty and opinionated tweeter. He has been governor of the Pensions Policy Institute since June 2012. 
    4. @robertjgardner (Followers: 4,090) The co-CEO of Redington, Robert Gardner offers his own insights into pensions, and retweets interesting views. He also writes a blog (robertjgardner.co.uk), which features posts such as “The 7-Step Framework to Full Funding for Pensions”.
    5. @rosaltmann (Followers: 4,084) The Saga Group’s director-general fills her tweets with current affairs. She recently said: “Ppl in income drawdown chose that because don’t like annuities. QE distorts annuities, which has now hurt drawdown. Unfair”.

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