Session preview: Hear how the Greater Manchester Pension Fund invests locally and learn how to bring your bonds up to speed at the Manchester Trustee Forum

In a year that has seen turbulence in Asian markets, significant governance failings in blue chip companies and continuing low interest rates, the need for trustees to stay on top of the latest investment trends is as pressing as ever.

At Engaged Investor’s Manchester Trustee Forum on 9 November at the Bridgwater Hall, Manchester, trustees will have the opportunity to hear from some of the pensions industry’s most informed speakers about essential investment topics – from local to global.


Peter Morris, director of pensions at the Greater Manchester Pension Fund will explain how the scheme invests locally with the twin aims of commercial returns and supporting the area. Peter will shed light on the scheme’s investment process and some of today’s most significant local opportunities.

At the opposite end of the scale, Donal Kinsella, fixed income investment director at Henderson Investors, will examine how to bring your bonds up to speed. In a reshaped environment where banks’ appetite to lend is severely constrained, long-term investors such as pension schemes have had to look elsewhere. Donal will explain some of the opportunities to find bonds offering higher yields, as well as other structure such as security against underlying assets and seniority within capital structures.

The Manchester Trustee Forum is free to attend for all pension fund trustees. Click here to book.

Engaged Investor’s Manchester Trustee Forum is free to attend for all pension fund trustees. Click here to register to attend.