Does a final salary scheme make you more upstanding?

It’s official: Nurses, doctors, teachers and judges are the most trusted professions in the UK. And what do they all have in common? An open defined benefit pension scheme.


Research from IPSOS Mori released this week showed that 93% of 1,000 UK adults would trust a nurse to tell them the truth. Doctors weigh in at 91%; teachers at 88% and judges at 81%.

Although it’s the first year that nurses have been included as a separate employment category in the pollster’s Veracity Index, doctors, teachers and judges have all shown marginal improvement over their 2015 score.

*Of course, there’s no proven causal link between truth-telling and defined benefit pension provision. Civil servants (56%) and NHS managers (48%) are decidedly middle-of-the-road when it comes to perceptions of trustworthiness, ranking below ‘the man in the street’ at 65%. It’s merely our way of justifying an otherwise irrelevant story. But as journalists, who, with 24% come third from bottom of the scale - outranking only government ministers (20%) and politicians generally** (15%) - you wouldn’t expect anything else, would you?

** Both have generous final salary schemes.