The recruitment firm is championing the wellbeing benefits of flexible working


Who should champion wellbeing in organisations – staff, the chief executive, the HRD? All have a role to play, but that doesn’t mean others can’t get in on the act. Recruiters are often told they need to be the first link in the chain when it comes to promoting diversity and gender equality (by drawing up appropriate shortlists), and now one recruiter is taking the wellbeing agenda under her wing. 

“We noticed 37% of our flexible working job seekers were men,” says Sarah Broad, former HR coach, now head of operations at Attune Jobs – a jobsite specialising in servicing the legal and professional services sector. “So we’ve decided it’s part of our role to champion flexible working for men in organisations that traditionally haven’t progressed very far on this issue.”

Around 10% of single parents are actually fathers, so Broad says the issue is larger than many organisations think. She says: “Many law firms have done well in tackling flexibility for female staff, but less so in acknowledging it’s a man’s issue, too. Men are also having to pick up the slack when it comes to childcare, and knowing they have an employer that will support them is hugely important to them. We are now acting as the conduit between men in the legal profession who want flexibility and firms who may not be used to it, to champion its benefit to them.”

According to Broad, some firms have no problem with flexibility, but others are still “quite slow”. She says: “Employers tend to be good at offering flexibility internally, but less to external new hires. The point we try to make to employers is that people nowadays are coming into law from outside the legal profession – there are marketers, PR execs, finance directors, and they simply expect flexibility now. If we can do our bit to make flexibility normal in this sector, then it’s good for everyone involved.”

This article first appeared in Reward’s new research report, Wellbeing in the Workplace 2017. To read the report in full, CLICK HERE