With a dropping attrition rate, Clearswift have measurable results for the success of their health and wellbeing strategy


In a hotly-contested category at Reward’s 2016 Very Important Benefit awards (VIBs), it was cyber security company Clearswift that lifted the gong for Best Healthcare & Wellbeing Strategy.

“Our health and wellbeing strategy had been running for around a year and we were receiving positive feedback from our employees and executives,” comments Louise Bailey, senior HR adviser at Clearswift. “We decided to enter the VIBs to get an external benchmark of our initiative and to see if we were on par with – or exceeding – the average package.”

Judges noted how the company’s strategy had engaged employees through surveying their health and wellbeing needs, providing initial free health checks and raising overall awareness.

The results of the strategy were easily quantifiable: an annual attrition rate drop from 23% to 12%, and a spike of increased employee engagement according to their annual survey. But on a qualitative level, the company has also seen an overall shift in culture, with happier and healthier employees.

Bailey adds, “We were thrilled to have won Best Healthcare and Wellbeing Strategy as we felt this provided validation that we were doing health and wellbeing correctly: and it’s been great for recruitment, validating that we do go above and beyond for our employees.”

Looking to the future, Bailey says the strategy will continue to evolve: “We’ll continue to do the key things, such as bi annual health checks, massages and boot camps. However, the great thing about health and wellbeing is how flexible it is, enabling us to be continuously creative keeping the initiative fresh.”

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