Claire Rasmus of Morrisions and Mark Pemberthy of JLT give an overview of Morrisons’ workplace savings and auto-enrolment initiative

How Morrisons is tackling workplace savings

Watch the video from Reward’s recent Workplace Savings event to find out how Morrisons approached pensions auto-enrolment – as well as helping their staff with broader savings issues.

Highlights include: 

2:38 (2 minutes 38 seconds into the video) to 5:30. Claire Rasmus of Morrisons explains the background to Morrisons’ decisions around their pension scheme.

5:40 – 8:12. Mark Pemberthy of JLT and Claire Rasmus of Morrisons describe the company’s review of its previous pension arrangements.

8:15 to 12:14. Claire Rasmus introduces  Morrisons’ ‘Save Your Dough’ campaign, and explains how the company addressed issues such as employees who do not speak English as a first language, and how to get employees interested in savings.

15:20 to 18.08. Mark Pemberthy explains the design of Morrisions’ auto-enrolment compliant pension scheme and outlines how the company met challenges such as employees’ aversion to taking investment risk.

18.08- end. Mark Pemberthy identifies the lessons that Morrisons have learnt from its auto-enrolment experience.