Improving economy signals more fluid job market for UK

unengaged workforce

As the UK employment market becomes increasingly candidate-led, nearly a third (28%) of employers have admitted that they are struggling to engage and retain employees, according to research from totaljobs.

This is a concern for the workforce as nearly two thirds (62%) said that poor performance is a common problem through this lack of engagement – with over half (59%) citing lower productivity as a sign of a disengaged workforce.

However, employers are tackling the issue head-on, with 51% improving engagement through clear communication, via email, newsletters and team meetings, and 46% setting out clear objectives for both individuals and teams.

Other strategies to engage employees included:

  • Creating a stimulating work environment (39%)
  • Fostering a strong team dynamic (28%)
  • Building a strong and visible management team (25%)
  • Rewarding the most proactive or engaged employees (24%)

Matthew Harradine, director at totaljobs, comments: “Our research suggests a real problem for employers. With the employment rate at record highs, it’s never been more important to keep staff engaged, which more often than not results in keeping them happy and retained.

“There are a number of simple solutions to achieve this, like clear communication, and building a strong and visible management team, but it also may come down to subtle changes which can foster all-important work friendships.”