Facts that should make FDs sit up and take notice


Unplanned absence costs UK businesses up to 16% of payroll

Source: Institute of Employment Studies

Thirty per cent of staff said the benefits package was key to joining their organisation, up from 25% in 2005; 36% said the benefits package was their key reason for staying with their employer

Source: Mercer What’s Working Survey 2012

More than a third of employees with no benefits say the lack of perks makes them more inclined to leave their current employer, whereas one in three who do have benefits say it makes them more inclined to stay.

Of staff that receive three or more benefits 60% can see themselves working for their current employer for the next five years, compared to just 35% of those who don’t receive any benefits

Source: YouGov, February 2012

The top reason companies offer benefits is that they are seen as effective recruitment (79%) and retention tools (80%). The most popular annual benefits spend as a percentage of payroll was 6-10% (by 27% of respondents) followed by 11% -15% (by 26% of respondents) and up to 5% (a fifth of respondents)

Source: Alexander Forbes, March 2012