What. A. Year! The 12 months since the Autumn Statement, 2016, has certainly been a challenge for salary sacrifice providers. 

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What. A. Year! The 12 months since the Autumn Statement, 2016, has certainly been a challenge for salary sacrifice providers. The changes announced by Government in November 2016 brought with it a sense of uncertainty, and for many, confusion. This hasn’t affected Tusker’s progress, however, with thousands more employees now able to get a car through the scheme.

Since the announcement of the consultation into salary sacrifice as a whole in the summer of 2016, Tusker has been working with Government to identify their aims and requirements, and to ensure that the application to cars remains fair, and consistent with Government policy.

Cars, with the application of Benefit in Kind (BiK), were already treated differently, and so Tusker’s argument remains, that the restrictions placed on a range of salary sacrifice products, needn’t apply to cars.

Months of meetings, advisory sessions and a wealth of evidence was provided by Tusker to Government Ministers, policy makers and advisors, before the Autumn Statement which helped to shape the original announcement surrounding ULEVs. Further interrogation highlighted that the changes which had been interpreted from the Autumn Statement weren’t as drastic as originally thought.

 Tusker continued to work with policymakers and key decision makers in Government to achieve complete clarification on the new rules. Working alongside our tax advisors, EY, we eventually achieved this in September 2017.

The legislation doesn’t affect as many of our customers as originally thought. 98% of drivers will receive the same savings as they did previously, with 54% of organisations able to gain NI savings as before.

Tusker have consistently ensured customers are aware of the tax requirements in the law, and continue to work with organisations to ensure they are aware of the advantages of the scheme, both in terms of the savings they can make, as well as the positive impact on employee engagement, retention and motivation.

The Autumn Statement this year has had little impact on the car industry and so we look forward to a year without legislative change!

Despite the uncertainty and miscommunication of the changes by many, Tusker has had yet another bumper year. Launching over 70 new schemes in 2017, Tusker now offers their award-winning Car Benefit Scheme to over 800,000 employees across the public and private sectors.

The scheme enables employees to save tax and National Insurance on a brand new car, which comes complete with insurance, tyres, servicing and maintenance, breakdown cover and road tax, for a fixed monthly amount.

For more information on Tusker’s Car Benefit Scheme, please visit www.tuskerdirect.com email hello@tuskerdirect.com or call 0333 400 5554