Technology has become a staple of modern society but just how much time are we spending on our devices?


From smartphones to tablets and laptops we are a nation that is constantly connected to technology – but now research by Time4Sleep has revealed how this is affecting us in the bedroom. 

Two in three (66%) Brits admitted that they sleep next to their phone and although some respondents did have tangible reasons for this – such as for use as an alarm in the morning (58%) or in case of emergency (52%) – 18% have their phones on standby in case they wake in the night and can’t sleep.

The research also found that checking in on social apps is now a standard part of most Brits’ bedtime rituals. A third (33%) admitted to scrolling through Facebook, 15% check over their emails and 7% respond to text and WhatsApp messages before hitting the sack.

Jonathan Warren, director at Time4Sleep, said: “Our research findings reveal some rather shocking trends about how our technology habits are affecting our lifestyles. It seems that, as a nation, we are addicted to technology but it is important to ensure that our phones do not have a negative impact on our lives.”

The study also looked into the professions most likely to keep their phones at their bedside and it comes as no surprise that 62% were HR professionals, 54% were lawyers and 49% were medical professionals – all members of high-stress professions with a need to stay connected at all times.

Warren added “It’s interesting to see HR professionals are the most guilty of sleeping in the same bed as their phones as a previous study we carried out discovered that 93% of HR professionals admit that they are kept awake at night thinking about work too. It’s definitely clear there is a link between technology and not being able to switch off from work and although it can be hard to leave your workload in the office, it’s important we try and make our homes a stress-free environment.”