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Case study: Why NEST has decided to invest in commodities

Nest recently announced a new focus on investing in commodities. Sara Benwell spoke to Mark Fawcett, chief investment officer, to find out more

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Five questions DC trustees should ask their consultants

Trustees need to make sure they’re asking the right questions of advisers, finds Sara Benwell


Due diligence is the key to a successful buyout

Group head of reward Ben Fowler at family owned company Vestey Group explains how they took a multi-step approach to de-risking, culminating in a buyout

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Making sense of diversification in DC

Many DC schemes have traditionally had a ‘home’ bias, with UK stocks higher than a typical global equity portfolio.¹ Catherine Doyle, Head of defined contribution, Newton Investment Management explains

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Diversification - there's safety in numbers

A sensible investment strategy is really just about not putting all your eggs in one basket

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Default drawdown: What is it good for?

Calls for a default drawdown option are missing the point, argues Andrew Pennie, marketing director and head of pathways at Intelligent Pensions

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The index funds of the future

Passive investing is moving beyond the plain old tracker fund. Maggie Williams reports

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Why the PLSA's Lesley Williams is on a mission to simplify

Lesley Williams, group pensions director of Whitbread is on a mission to simplify, Sara Benwell finds out more

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