What do professional trustees think about the relationship they have with their consultants? 

Consultants’ market knowledge is rated very highly, with 94% of respondents saying that their consultant is either very good (39%) or good (55%) in this respect.

Reporting also scored well, with 88% ranking this as very good (25%) or good (63%), as did trustee training: 14% said this was very good and 75% found it good.

However, trustees feel that there is room for improvement on consultants’ transparency (35% ranked this as poor or very poor), delivering value for money (27%) and innovation (24%).

Respondents also felt that sustainable investment advice could be improved, with 29% saying this was poor or very poor.

Research analysis - consultants

To download the full Independent Trustee Research Report 2018 click here.

This research was carried out in association with Newton Investment Management.