In this year’s Top 50 People in Pensions, Pensions Insight identifies the most influential tweeters in the industry

Not content with bringing you the Top 50 People in Pensions 2015, this year at Pensions Insight we’ve explored the murky depths of social media to bring you the best twenty pensions tweeters.


This mix of industry professionals, commentators and consultants are the people to follow to get the very best pensions content direct to your newsfeed.

Top twenty tweeters

Watch for: Labour-centric views in the run-up to the election.

Watch for: Championing older workers and taking on policy-makers.

Watch for: Investment trends and the future of the financial industry.

Watch for: Campaigning for women in leadership.

Watch for: Will the the DWP and the Lib Dems stay aligned in the coming months?

Watch for: Quick wit and regulatory know-how.

Watch for: Labour’s latest lines on pensions.

Watch for: Pensions news and views.

Watch for: Jargon free pensions and cartoons.

Watch for: Entrepreneurial inspiration from the co-founder of Redington.

Watch for: All the latest from the Pensions PlayPen

Watch for: Understanding the role of advisers in the pensions universe

Watch for: Strong views, interesting pensions analysis and lots of cycling

Watch for: News and informed opinion coupled with the implications of changes that most others miss

Watch for: Informative pensions podcasts and illuminating blogging

Watch for: Unpicking the many legal and regulatory changes in the industry and #Fridayjoke

Watch for: understanding what you need to do to get retirement ready

Watch for: All the latest pensions news from PWC

Watch for: Quality, informed pension insight and updates on Hibs scores

Watch for: fearless campaigning for fair treatment for pensions members and all things surfing

If you know of some other Twiitter stars in the industry, why not let one of the Pensions Insight editorial team know, so we can include them next year.

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