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Adrian bolting

I hear Adrian Boulding and Legal & General are to part ways in August this year. Boulding has been with the provider for over 30 years and is currently its pensions strategy director.

A Legal & General spokesperson confirmed Boulding’s departure and said it was “by mutual consent”.

Bonfire of the unfortunate Snoopies

Everyone remembers when Rothesay Life acquired MetLife Assurance Limited, a subsidiary of MetLife. But what is less well known is that poor Snoopy got caught in the crossfire.

Charlie Brown’s pensive pet dog has been much loved since his creation in 1950. As well as being the official mascot of aerospace safety he also has the honour of being the MetLife’s corporate mascot. Unfortunately, I’m told when Rothesay Life acquired MetLife Assurance, all traces of the beloved cartoon had to be removed.

It’s not clear what happened to all the newly homeless hounds. But one can’t help but imagine a bonfire of the unfortunate Snoopies.