Stakeholder blunder from the Green Party

“Private pension schemes have failed” – was the bold claim made in the Green Party’s manifesto. But it is the Greens themselves who have failed the pensions test. On the 30th page of their manifesto they state: “Employers would be obliged to offer and contribute to [their proposed pension scheme], as they are now with stakeholder pensions; the default would be for employees to be contracted in to the scheme”.

You’d think someone would have mentioned it if employers were obliged to contribute to stakeholder pensions all this time…

But then, as one lawyer put it to me, “that’s not the law”.

Steve Webb in safe seat

Industry speculation about what will happen to Steve Webb if he is not re-elected seems to have been premature. According to calculations from there is a pretty unequivocal 100% chance he will be returned to his seat in Thornbury and Yate.