Cynicism mounts over impact of auto-enrolment

Last year Pensions Insight polled our readership to find out how auto-enrolment is shaping up. One year on, we find the mood has changed

Cynicism is mounting over whether auto-enrolment will really help people understand more about pensions.

Pensions Insight polled readers on whether they believe auto-enrolment will improve members’ understanding of pensions. This time last year, 50%said yes, it would. Asked the same question this year, only 45% thought so.

Stay tuned to Pensions Insight’s website this week. We will reveal:

  • How many firms have had trouble accessing advice on auto-enrolment
  • The biggest challenge companies face when it comes to implementing auto-enrolment
  • Whether default funds will give members sufficient savings to provide a decent living in retirement
  • How many companies are really opting for mastertrusts
  • What’s really on our readers’ mind when it comes to auto-enrolment

And much more.

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