Diversification - there's safety in numbers

A sensible investment strategy is really just about not putting all your eggs in one basket


Schemes that embrace transparency could significantly reduce costs

Pension schemes may have a regulatory responsibility to measure costs, but lessons from the Netherlands show those that embrace transparency could make significant savings.


Quick guide - seven bits of pensions jargon you need to explain to members

We all know that jargon is a barrier to pensions engagement. Here’s seven words you definitely need to explain better


Discarded dashboard shows government contempt for young savers

Rumours abound that the government has shelved dashboard plans. If the industry wants to engage younger workers it must pick up the mantle - and fast

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Financial freedom

Are defaults at-retirement really in members' best interests?

Jonathan Watts-Lay, director at WEALTH at work, says default decumulation could do more harm than good

ESG investing

Ethical, ethical, ethical – can we please stop banging on?

If you think ESG considerations are getting in the way of returns, you’re completely missing the point, argues Richard Butcher

Retirement plans

PLSA - the government must bring forward a new regulatory framework for decumulation

How can we create a decumulation journey that works for the savers of the future? The PLSA’s Tim Gosling explores.

Jail prison

The government should jail those who wilfully put company pension schemes at risk

The government has said it will crack down on governance of corporate pension schemes. That’s good news, but we must make sure the deterrents are harsh enough, says Stephen Fallowell

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DC Insight

Wednesday 15 November 2018
etc.venues County Hall, London

Now in its sixth year, DC Insight will explore how schemes are tackling the big issues in DC, from communicating with members to ensuring default funds are up to scratch.

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