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Thursday, 24 April 2014


    "Tales of the unexpected"

    David Blackman

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    push button

    Has the government given up on nudge economics?

    23 April 2014

    65-year-olds need as much of a push as young people, says Quietroom’s Simon Grover



    Greece's recovery has been astounding but QE unwind may sting schemes

    23 April 2014 | By David Prosser

    Bond yields may be down to 6%, who’s to say where they’ll be when US interest rates rise

    Budget box

    Lifestyling strategies are finished, what will replace them?

    2 April 2014 | By Louise Farrand

    There are drawbacks to target date funds

    ICI pension scheme

    Game changers

    28 March 2014 | By Sam Brodbeck

    Two record-breaking deals push the limits of de-risking


    Martyn Phillips, JLT

    JLT's Martyn Phillips on developments in the pension buyout market

    9 April 2014

    VIDEO: JLT’s head of buyouts explains the constraint around client facing counterparty in longevity de-risking deals; and developments in the immature medically underwritten bulk annuity market

    Darren Philp, B&CE

    B&CE: 'Keeping things simple' is key for pension investments

    28 March 2014

    VIDEO: Darren Philp, head of policy at B&CE, gives his view on the hot topics in the world of pension fund investment

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    In my opinion

    Henry Tapper

    Time for investment consultants to stand up and be counted

    16 April 2014 | By Henry Tapper

    Consultants need to harness the power of technology to support their clients as they enter the auto-enrolment crunch, writes Henry Tapper

    Top 100 special report

    infrastructure pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

    Schemes pile into private equity and infrastructure

    8 April 2014

    Top 100 asset allocation analysis: Pension funds are increasingly turning to illiquid assets in search of higher returns

    pension fund scheme trustee magazine investment training

    Equities grow as proportion of largest schemes' assets

    4 April 2014

    Top 100 asset allocation analysis: Stock market boom reflected in pension fund portfolios

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